Foster Botanical Garden's Midsummer Night's Gleam 2017

Lights and prehistoric cycads.

Waiting for the magic to start.

Jumbo flowers made from wire and fabric.

Throw the seed into the papaya and win a potted plant.

Lights and mobiles.

Effervescent sculptures made from plastic soda bottle sections strung together.

Luminaries and a packed lawn.

Can't get enough of the string lights in the garden.

The walkways are lit with candles that glow in white bags.

When else will you see a Pandanus lit like this?

Star Wars inspired LEGO landscapes. (The theme this year is Star Wars.)

Tree of wishes.

Live music and dancing.

The Amorphophallus titanums are in there, but currently in the vegetative phase.

There they are!

Jedi knight training, Lightsabers 101.

This is a branched palm!

Happy gleam to all, and to all a gleam night!

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