Cool stuff: Anthropologie silk watercolor "New York, New York" dress ca. 2010

Anthropologie "New York, New York" dress featuring vintage Vera Neumann print of Olmsted's Central Park, ca. 2010. This is a photo of the back of the dress.

In the 1800s, there was Frederick Law Olmsted designing Central Park. In the 1960s, there was Vera Neumann designing textiles. And in 2010, there was Anthropologie, introducing their genius to a new generation in the form of a silk dress. If you told me it was possible to find a dress by Anthropologie made of silk featuring a watercolor Vera print of an Olmsted creation, I would not have believed you. A rare trifecta and must-have for any collector of Vera or Anthropologie that loves Olmsted or parks.

According to one source, 2010 was the first year that the label We Love Vera began bringing Vera's prints back to the fashion industry (it also pre-dates the fast-fashion craze). It does not appear to have been as lasting as either Olmsted or Neumann's legacies: a quick search of the Anthropologie website returns no results for "We Love Vera".

This dress has popped up on EBay in size 0. You can view the original 2010 product page here and read the product reviews here.


Introducing "Cool stuff":
This blog focuses on "landscape", and people fascinated by "landscape" seem to often also love plants and great design. A great botanical print or the convergence of aesthetics, function, and quality in a product can be hard to find. When I make such a discovery, I'll share it on the blog. If you've seen something amazing, say something - by leaving a comment below.

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