Cool stuff: Offerman's Meat Paddle

One can always use an extra meat paddle, and here is a fine specimen made of walnut that comes in three sizes - and can be monogrammed. Plus, it could be used to deliver other foodstuffs besides meat, like fish, which is practically a vegetable. Besides Offerman's Meat Paddle, the online store includes many other offerings that combine humor and utility, like the Yes Box, Luddite's Laptop, and Moustache Comb.

I have also been tempted more than once by the many fine looking wood cutting boards on Etsy (for example, this one).

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About "Cool stuff":
A great botanical print or the convergence of aesthetics, function, and quality in a product can be hard to find. When I make such a discovery, I'll share it on the blog, but there is no affiliation between this blog and any of the products. I just think they're cool. Have you crossed paths with something noteworthy recently? Please do tell.

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